unleash your power

Yes, you want to be ready, to get more out of life. But to deadlift 200 kg or do 200 reps to feel prepared or good about yourself? No thanks. What drives you is being fit in body and mind to live life the way you want. We call it the power to be fit for purpose, your purpose. Unleash it and live life your way.

bespoke fitness

Our bespoke fitness programs start with a proper foundation – an in-depth understanding of your body from professionally conducted assessments. Then we customize your training to unlock your potential.

do or do not.
there is no try.

No two persons are the same. From our strengths and weaknesses, the way we move, to what fitness means to us. That’s why bespoke training with PLUS3 simply works better. It’s a 3-pillar system that transforms. Move with power. Connect with your mind. Destroy the limits.


It begins with how much might you wield.


Move better and take your performance to the next level.


Learn to enhance the mind’s impact on the body

find inspiration here

Kindle your fitness journey with inspiration in a private and exclusive space. State-of-the-art equipment. Unrivaled classes. Unmatched personal training. And luxury comforts after an epic workout. It’s not a gym. It’s a bespoke fitness club. Exactly what you deserve.

inspiring space


bespoke wellness


i will make time.
to train for power.
to live life my way.
i will never stop.

i am ready