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Singapore’s leading expert in body transformations

Life in Singapore is busy. Yet we all want to get stronger, lose a few kg, and feel more confident.
We are here to help you. We’ve been in the industry for over 5 years and helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals. We can’t wait to help you achieve yours!
Push limits. Break your boundaries.
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bespoke fitness

Our bespoke fitness programs start with a proper foundation – an in-depth understanding of your body from professionally conducted assessments. Then we customize your training to unlock your potential.

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Train at one of the top personal training gym in Singapore for weight loss, building strength and muscle with the best Personal Trainers!
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We are a PT-only gym. We do not offer memberships with unlimited walk-ins, so our gym floor is never crowded and you never have to wait to use our equipment!

Ideally located across I12 Katong, along East Coast Road

“Are Oompf! Fitness Personal Trainers near me?”
Our boutique gym is fully equipped with an excellent range of cardio, strength and conditioning equipment with top of the line fitness facilities
Fitness center
Cardio area
Refreshment area
Yoga & Fitness Studio

Meet our Personal Trainers

With one of the most complete team of personal fitness trainers in Singapore, we will find you the perfect match for your personality, experience and goals.


Results vary from one client to the other, depending on their commitment, lifestyle, and diet.






What our clients say

These reviews are both for our personal training and fitness group classes

Yujia Jin
Yujia Jin
Best personal training gym ever! Been exercising over many years in big gyms but never really knew what movements to do. The personal training offered here is super effective, very cost-efficient and helped me achieve my fitness goals and weight loss in a relatively short span of time. Big shoutout to personal trainer Rio for being always so motivating and patient - it’s so much more fun to have someone egg you on during the workouts and to keep you accountable on the nutrition side as well. The other clients here are all super nice, non-judgmental, and very down to earth. Love their facilities and lounge as well where I always enjoy a cup of coffee after training. Showers are clean, machines are well maintained and super modern. Located right next to i12 Katong so only a short walk away from my workplace. Truly a gym like no other - 10/10!!
Valerie Tan
Valerie Tan
Meta Strength with Serene was awesome. She pays attention to your form. Small class size and almost feels like you are having a personal trainer beside you. Will definitely be back!
chandrahas m
chandrahas m
Good personal focus
Amarjit Singh
Amarjit Singh
Good equipment and great instructors
Shah Johar
Shah Johar
Peh Ming Ming
Peh Ming Ming
it's a well equipped gym with a good variety of equipment and good facilities. It checks all ,my boxes. Thank you oompf!
Chua De Han
Chua De Han
Professional Trainers and cozy environment. I love that they provide cold towels after session for us to use. Oompf Fitness definitely ranks as the first in my choice of workout studio!!
first time in a FREE STYLE spin class. refreshing. with music n little on the fancy movements while you ride thru.
Randolph Ong
Randolph Ong
There is only one classroom for spinning . Friendly staff, great workout.

Our Personal Training Pricing

Personal trainer cost per hour:

$95 to $135/h*

Our rates are more than affordable when you realise you get to train in a premium private gym with an experienced certified trainer.

*Our price for personal training sessions depends on timing (OFF-PEAK hours cost less) and the duration of the package you choose. The longer you can commit, the cheaper it gets!

Start Your Fitness Journey Today!

You may have plenty of questions, doubts and misconceptions about exercising, but the hardest part is simply getting started. Once you meet your trainer and have a couple of sessions, you will realise that training at Oompf! is fun and doesn’t feel like a chore at all! So take the first step, book your fitness consultation and we will take care of the rest!
So take the first step, book your fitness consultation and we will take care of the rest!

Health Benefits of Exercising

Physical exercise has a huge role to play in enhancing wellbeing. Even a weekly gym session with one of our private trainers increases mental alertness, energy and positive mood(1). Participation in regular physical training can also reduce stress and anxiety(2).
  1. https://www.healthhub.sg/live-healthy/397/Physical%20Activity%20Benefits
  2. https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/publications/how-to-using-exercise#:~:text=Physical%20activity%20has%20a%20huge,can%20reduce%20stress%20and%20anxiety.
Our gym PTs craft workout programs tailored to your goals, and assist you with easy to follow diet tips. You will be shredding fat and toning your body in no time!
When you exercise and you improve your body composition, you’ll start feeling more confident and get a new outlook on life. At the same time, our personal gym trainers are patient and will help you build up strength & confidence in your own abilities.
Scientific studies have found that exercising regularly reduces the rate of bone loss and conserves bone tissue, lowering the risk of fractures(1). It also improves blood pressure control and reduces blood sugar levels, improves lipid profile and improves overall cardiopulmonary fitness(2), reducing your overall health risks by a considerable factor!
  1. https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/conditionsandtreatments/osteoporosis-and-exercise
  2. https://www.nhcs.com.sg/news/patient-care/benefits-of-exercise-on-heart-health
Our personal training sessions last around 1h. We suggest you come 10min earlier so that you can start warming up before your session. 
After your training, you can use our cardio equipment and shower facilities if you want.
If you’re hesitating, it means you probably should! Unless you are an expert in nutrition, training, periodization and recovery, you should get a personal gym coach trainer to fast-track your progress. Even Olympians and world record holders follow a coach! If you are still not convinced, we have reviewed the pros and cons of hiring a PT in this article.

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