Our bespoke fitness programs start with a proper foundation – an in-depth understanding of your body from professionally conducted assessments. Then we customize your training to unlock your potential.

Starter Personal
Training Package

45 min

In-Body & Health Assessment

Using state-of-the-art equipment we take biometric measurements, such as your muscle and fat distribution. DNA code testing kits are exclusively available at 50% off for all first time PT members.

Goals Assessment

After that, we consult with you to ensure your fitness road map is aligned with your life. Dreaming of climbing the Himalayas or running the marathon? At oompf! we want you to be fit for purpose-

Fitness Assessment

The crucial assessment then tells us what your body is ready and not ready for. We look at your strength, cardio, flexibility, agility, reaction time, balance, speed and power.

Customizing your program

After we’ve gathered all the essential information about you, we combine the results to customize your ideal program and paint a holistic picture of your journey. Now you’re ready for greatness.
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