Gyms Are Closed… Now What?

Hi Friends of Oompf, it’s Alvan here. Today we will be talking about how you can keep active despite the temporary closure of gyms.

I’m sure by now all of us have heard the news about the temporary closure of gyms in Singapore till 30th of May. I for know some of you, these 3 weeks may leave you feeling lost, demoralised or even put a dent in your motivation to exercise. However not to worry, we will be talking about what you can do to get a good workout in even at home!

Although it feels like the selection of exercises are very limited without a gym and equipment, there are actually plenty of ways to improvise and make a home workout as effective!

1. Add pulses or increase range of motion
Pulses are 1/4 of the full rep which will significantly reduce your range of motion, forcing you to keep constant tension on the muscles, making the move significantly harder. You can add pulses to your squats, lunges even hip thrusts to feel the extra burn.

2. Play with speed of eccentric/concentric movements
Using push ups as an example, you may make this exercise harder by lowering yourself down slowly and then coming up explosively. The change in speed will increase the intensity of the movement as it uses time under tension to force your muscles to work harder which in turn optimises muscular strength, endurance, and growth.

3. Increase repetitions
Instead of doing your regular 4 sets of 8-12 reps, increase the reps if you’re using little to no weight at home. By performing more reps you still can still push your muscles to fatigue and get a good work out.

4. Decrease rest time
If you find yourself resting for longer than 5 minutes in between your sets, you are resting too long. Avoid letting your body completely cool down before proceeding with the next set, or exercise. The same concept applies for your warm up. You should not warm up and then spend 10 minute searching for a workout routine. Warm up is meant to prepare your body for a workout by sending blood to the muscles you will be using, so taking your time to start the exercise after warming up will defeat its purpose.

5. Work on things that you usually avoid at the gym
For some of us, this may be our cardio or metabolic training. Now would be the best time to try a HIIT workout or improve your cardiovascular fitness by going for regular runs.

Besides working out, you should also take this time to focus on active recovery as well as flexibility and mobility. You should use these 3 weeks to not only rest your body but also improve on your mobility which will translate to a better workout when you finally get back to the gym!
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