Welcoming a new year!

Its Agnes here. I hope you are enjoying a joyous and restful Christmas, and some quality time for yourself and your loved ones. As we head into 2021 this weekend (YES! Can’t wait for 2020 to end!), I along with my partners Alvan, Kaiwen and the whole Oompf! Team, would like to first thank you for your support and commitment to work hard at getting fitter! Most if not all of us are happy to put 2020 behind us; but how will we welcome 2021 and improve our fitness level?

Well, guess what? We have surprises waiting for you; because you have been so diligent and committed to being fit, we want to do more for you, starting with the following :
We will launch our Platinum Club program on 1st January to encourage and reward frequent, regular workouts to accelerate our progress. The benefits of the Platinum Club admission are :

1. On each anniversary month when you renew:
– Get 1 complimentary session for renewal of 12 PT sessions
– Get 2 complimentary sessions for renewal of 24 or 36 PT sessions

In addition, with effect from 1 Jan 2021, if you individually complete:

  • 50 PT sessions within a year, get 2 complimentary sessions
  • 100 PT sessions within a year, get 3 complimentary sessions
  • 150 PT sessions within a year, get 5 complimentary sessions

*Awards for complimentary sessions may be made only once in 12 months.

2. We will make available exclusively to PT members only, a curated video series of exercises to supplement and augment your PT sessions. These exercises can be done anywhere, and target the core, and recovery. Why Core and Recovery? A strong core is critical to almost everything we do and will help us build strength while stretching and recovery exercises help our muscles, joints and tissues recover from stress (when we work them hard) and reduces the risk of injury. Often, we do not have enough time to focus on these during our gym work out days so these videos are intended to help you practise these at home or indeed anywhere. The video exercises will be updated bi – monthly. You can access these via the link below or through our website

3. Supplements are also relevant in our fitness regime. We have partnered with Verita Quantum Health (https://www.veritaquantum.com), leading health and beauty, supplements including food and beverage distributor. You can now access their full range of health and beauty products at 15% discount from their listed retail prices, if you place your orders through Oompf. Just whatsapp us at 92331978 to place your orders. Free delivery for orders above $60, delivery time is within a week. The full list of products can be found here : https://veritastore.com/product-category/all-product/
More surprises are coming your way so stay tuned! We wish you a happy, healthy and fitt-er 2021! Let’s make this happen together with OOMPF!

If you have suggestions or feedback on how we can serve you better, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected]


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