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Our mission is to empower women through health & fitness.

Life in Singapore gets busy, between work, kids, commuting and other commitments… Yet we all want to lose a few kg, look fit and be more confident.

We are here to help you. We’ve been in the industry for over 5 years and helped hundreds of women reach their fitness goals. We can’t wait to help you achieve yours!

View our clients body transformations here.

No Judgement

We work with clients of all levels, and beginners are never judged, always encouraged!

Explore our Private Gym

Train at one of the best gym for women in Singapore for weight loss, building strength and muscle!



Benefit from personalized fitness coaching & motivation.



Train with a friend or sister. Train together, gain together!



Get a focused, customized workout at a shared price.

Looking for an affordable female personal trainer in Singapore?

Since 2017, our certified personal trainers have been delivering optimal workouts to women in Singapore that are results-driven and fun.

Our women personal trainers will share their experience and knowledge with you, and provide endless motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals much faster than exercising on your own.

If your goal is losing weight, athletic conditioning, nutrition coaching, rehab, powerlifting, bodybuilding or simply staying in shape, we have done personal training with women just like you. All ages and abilities work together in our training sessions and fitness classes to experience a fitter, happier and healthier life.

Alternatively, you can consider our small fitness group training classes to get started if you are looking for an affordable female personal trainer.

No matter what your fitness goal is, we’re here to offer you the knowledge, motivation, and support to succeed.

Convenient location along East Coast Road, across i12 Katong Mall

Looking for “fitness for women near me?” or “gym for women near me”?

Our boutique female gym is fully equipped with an excellent range of cardio, strength and conditioning equipment with top of the line fitness facilities.

Fitness center
Cardio arEA
Yoga & Fitness Studio

Meet our Personal Trainers for Women

With one of the most complete team of PT for ladies in Singapore, we will find you the perfect match for your personality, experience and goals. If you feel more at ease with a female trainer, let us know when booking your first session!

Our Personal Training Pricing

Personal trainer cost per hour: From $95 per hour

Group fitness training for women: From $22 per session

Our rates are more than affordable when you realise you get to train in a premium private gym with some of the best personal trainers for women in Singapore.

*Our price for PT sessions depends on timing (OFF-PEAK hours cost less) and the duration of the package you choose. The longer you can commit, the cheaper it gets!

Take The First Step In Your Fitness Journey Today!

You may have plenty of questions, doubts and misconceptions about exercising, but the hardest part is to get started. 

Once you meet your trainer and train a couple of times, you will realise that getting fit at Oompf! is really fun and enjoyable!

So take the first step, book your fitness consultation and we will take care of the rest!

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