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External and internal Shoulder rotations

Hi this is Alvan, today we will be discussing about external and internal shoulder rotations.

Exercising our shoulders is important. Strong shoulders are important because they are essential to many tasks we perform in our everyday lives. Whether we are pulling such as opening or closing a sliding door or lifting things over our heads the shoulder muscles always get activated. Strong shoulders also improve posture and alignment. Strong, broad shoulders also add to aesthetics, makes a person look strong, toned and confident.

There are many types of shoulder exercises; today we will focus on the rotator cuff muscles.Watch this video for EXTERNAL and INTERNAL rotation of the shoulder muscles. Common mistake is to move the scapula during an exercise, sometimes due to excessive weight – in which case, lower the weight. Key is to only move the arm, keeping the scapula still.

Watch these videos to find out more: 

External rotation:

Internal rotation:

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