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Help! I Can’t Control My Diet!

Hi Friends of Oompf, it’s Alvan here. Today we will be talking about the importance of your diet and how to better control it. Having a good diet is without a doubt one of the biggest challenge all of us face in our fitness journey. I’m sure all of us have been tempted to reward ourselves with a sinful meal after sweating it out at the gym. Most of the time we probably convince ourselves that we’ve burnt enough calories during training to make up for the junk food we are going to be eating later. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Although working out does help you burn slightly more calories throughout your day, it is ultimately your diet day in and day out that will ensure the weight stays off.

I will be sharing some tips on how to improve your diet and curb those cravings!

1. Have a protein shake after your workout.
Many of us start to feel hungry soon after a strenuous workout. This is the time where your body has used up a substantial amount of energy and needs to refuel itself. This is also probably the point you start to crave for a big unhealthy meal. Drinking a protein shake after your workout will not only bring your protein levels up, but will also help you to curb those ‘after gym’ hunger pangs. And yes, it is okay to drink a scoop of protein daily.

2. Stay hydrated throughout the day.
Drinking water throughout your day will prevent dehydration and minimise the chances that you grab for a sweet drink or maybe a scoop of ice cream. Aim to consume about 2-3 litres of water a day.

3. Consume a protein-heavy diet.
If eating less is not an option for you, try to switch up the types of foods you are eating. Perhaps you could order a grilled fish instead of the plate of pasta at the western stall. Or have more meat at dinner and lesser rice. Understanding the nutritional benefits in what you are consuming will help you in making better food choices.
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