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What keeps you going when you don’t feel like working out?

Hi Oompf Fitness Friends,

This is Agnes. Many of you know and /or have seen me working out at Oompf! sometimes alongside you when you come for your Personal Training. My workout is such an integral part of my life today that I cannot imagine life without working out! I train 5-6 days a week and I enjoy my training, and challenging myself all the time. But, like many, even the most ardent fitness lovers, I do have my moments and days when I feel like slouching in my favorite chair and be lost in my world rather than pull myself up and psyche myself for a gruelling 60 minutes of physical hard work. So how do I cope with this, what keeps me going again and again and again?

I ask myself the same question : “ Why, why did you start on your fitness journey 4 years ago?

I remember being petrified by my bone density result then : I was on the verge of becoming osteoporotic! That jolted me to action because I did not want to end up with brittle bones, be weak and frail. Today I am so much better, I managed to reverse the deterioration significantly which surprised me and even the doctors. I am determined to get even stronger and I am petrified of regressing in my strength, in my muscle mass. Everytime I think of this, I get scared and jump off my butt to get to training!

I also absolutely love the post workout feeling, that refreshed, rejuvenated feeling like my entire ecosystem has just been oxygenated and my joints and muscles feel exercised and stretched. Its an indescribable feeling of sheer relief! I love to keep experiencing that feeling, so whenever I start feeling lazy, I recall that sheer relief, that pure happy feeling and I want to go again!

I’d love to hear about how you keep yourself going, what works for you to motivate yourself to keep your Personal Training alive and well? Do share so that we can all learn from and help each other. Many people fall off their health and fitness journey because they get distracted by work or personal commitments and their “temporary pause” becomes permanent…and many never pick up from there.

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