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Why You Should Start Deadlifitng!

Hi this is Alvan… we are going to talk about Deadlifting – why you should start if you haven’t done so and why you should not stop if you are already doing so.

The Deadlift

The Deadlift is one of the most fundamental compound exercises. It’s an evergreen weightlifting exercise that can be done by young and old alike. Yes, don’t be mistaken that the old are not strong enough to lift; in fact deadlift helps us all in more ways than one.

Target Muscles

The Deadlift targets many muscles : the gluteus, quads, hamstrings, hip rotators and adductors, the whole spine, traps and abs – that’s one of the reasons why the Deadlift is so fundamental in our workouts; it works so many parts of the body!

So What Do I Get by Deadlifting?

– Strengthens the core, back, butt, legs and spine

– Improves alignment and posture

– Improves bone mineral density, which is especially important in the aging process

Burns fat as it is an intense resistance exercise

– Improves endurance 

Deadlift Variations

The deadlift can be performed using barbell or kettlebell

Another variation is the Romanian Deadlift – the difference between the Conventional and Romanian deadlift is the hip position. In the Conventional deadlift the hips are lower and the pressure is more on the legs and glutes driving the bar up. The Romanian deadlift starting position is the standing position with the bar or kettlebell not touching the floor. The movement is through hinging the hips, not extension of the spine.

Common Mistakes

Most common mistake is failure to keep the spine neutral. Do not round your back. Keep your spine straight and taut so as not put undue pressure on the spine.

Another common mistake is not pressing the ground hard enough. Remember to push the ground hard with your feet in order to drive the force upwards as you are bringing the bar up.

How Heavy Should I Deadlift?

It all depends on your starting point, your strength progress and your goals. The standard barbell is 20kgs; you can add and increase weights according to the program you are undergoing. Most important to remember :

1. Learn proper form – this is vital to avoid injury and accidents.

2. Start with weights that you can handle up 8-10 reps per set and gradually increase as you progress. Aim for

3 sets, by the time you are into your third set, you should be feeling the “burn”. 3. Make sure you hydrate and rest in between sets : 1-2 minutes (depending on how heavy you are pushing yourself).

Best advise is to talk to your coach or gym personal trainer – he/she can guide you and watch your form and decide level of progression in increasing the weights for optimal effect. 

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