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Hi Friends of Oompf, this is Agnes.

Wow! Our world just turned upside down in a matter of days! So like all gyms in Singapore, Oompf! Fitness too has had to close temporarily till May or whenever things get better and we are all allowed to reopen again. Meanwhile, what do we do now? How can we keep up with our fitness regime? How should we be eating? Everything is home based now, from work, education, socialising, leisure to working out… How should we adjust overnight?

Of course it is not easy, but we don’t have much of a choice. I have been staying home since last Wednesday a week before the official close on a self imposed quarantine. I would like to share how I am adjusting to this new paradigm shift :

1. I have stayed true to my regular workout routine which is 5 days a week of Personal Training  for women and have not disrupted my training! I learnt very quickly to migrate to online training with my coach and must say my workouts are still as robust and hard! Of course I miss my weights and bars but the TRX, bands and a kettlebell get me very far along with cardio strength compound exercises like push ups and squats and lunges! I also supplement this by simple workouts as you can see in the video below. I am determined not to let COVID 19 kill my joy for working out and making me healthy!

2. Eat less but more frequently. We move around less (except when working out) when we are at home the whole day so we need to watch our diet more carefully. I make sure I stick to my eggs and bananas for breakfast, protein shake after workout and my lunch and dinner meals are meat or fish and salad with a light portion of carbs. I eat my fruits or peanut butter when I am tempted to snack! When I sit around so much at home, I try not to get tempted to snack; instead, I focus on the list of stuff I need to accomplish and the stuff I always meant to learn but never got around to it.

3. Solitude is not a bad thing. It gives me time to digest the news, think more clearly before I act and also reflect and spend my time reflecting on my priorities in life! I know more so than anytime before that I want to stay strong and continue to be fit and healthy so that I can have the energy to love and spend time with my family for as long as possible!

Watch my home workout Here!


If you have any feedback or tips to share as to how you are coping during this difficult time, do write to us at [email protected]


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