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How To Fit Exercise Around A Busy Schedule

Hi Friends of Oompf, it’s Alvan here. Today we will be talking about how to fit exercise into your busy schedules.

If you are not working in the fitness industry, chances are, working out is not your first priority. You’ve probably signed up for personal training because that’s the only way you can get those few hours of exercise in a week. But what happens when your work schedule starts getting erratic, or your lifestyle changes after having a child and you no longer feel like you have time for a workout?

Does that mean you give up on your workout routine and surrender in defeat? Well, hopefully not. It’s never easy making time to exercise when you have a busy schedule however changing your mindset and perspective about fitness and exercise could make a world of difference.

1. Truly understand the benefits of exercise
You’ve probably heard the quote “prevention is better than cure”. Many of us take that for granted until something serious actually happens to us. Understanding that exercise benefits us in so many ways such as strengthening muscles to reduce joint pains, improved posture, reduce risk of injury, improved bone density, improved mood and better sleep etc, can serve as a pull factor to encourage you to make exercise a priority. Don’t just exercise because your doctor told you to do so, exercise because you understand that your body is a long term investment.

2. Set fixed dates
When I say set fixed dates for your workouts, I don’t mean during a 1 hour lunch break where something could crop up and affect your schedule. Set fixed timings before or after working hours so there will be little to no obstacles faced when you want to work out. Setting a fixed date also helps you to make your exercise a habit or routine.

3. Prepare yourself for plan BS
If for some reason you can’t make it to the gym to train, maybe due to a overrun meeting or bad traffic, have a plan B. Plan B could be anything that will help you get some movement done throughout your day. For example, walking a longer route to get home, walking to get dinner instead of ordering in, a short jog around your block or a swim in your pool. There are countless of ways you can get exercise done throughout your day without hitting the gym and all you need is 30 minutes.

If you still have trouble motivating yourself, remind yourself again that prevention is better than cure! Would you rather be making weekly visits to the osteo/physio? Or spending thousands to fix your hip or knee? If you wouldn’t, learn to make fitness a priority so doing it will feel like a blessing rather than a chore!
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