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How To Stay Disciplined With Your Diet During Festive Seasons 

Hi Friends of Oompf, it’s Alvan here. Today we will be talking about ways you can keep up with your diet during Chinese New Year; or any festive seasons for that matter.

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, I’m sure many of us are busy ordering our CNY goodies like pineapple tarts or bak kwa. For some of you that have prioritised keeping a clean and healthy diet throughout the year, CNY may be a period where you might feel stressed about all the eating you will be doing during visitations.

Just like how you won’t lose weight from eating one “clean” meal, you’re not going to gain a devastating amount of weight from enjoying a few CNY goodies. However that does not mean you should be shoving a box of pineapple tarts down your throat!

Here are a few tips to enjoy your CNY goodies without feeling guilty!

#1 Tip – Have proper meals!
Stick to having your 3 proper meals a day. Going to a relative’s place with an empty stomach is a surefire way to fall into temptation and gorge on high-caloric festive treats! Stick to having your proper meals to ensure you are getting the same macronutrients that you usually would consume on a normal day. This will also ensure that you will not be too famished and binge on the goodies.

#2 Tip – Plan your meals
If you know that you will be having a heavy or ‘sinful’ dinner, plan your day around it. What I mean is that instead of having to hold back during dinner, have lesser for breakfast and lunch. That way, you can still eat within your caloric allowance without having to sacrifice on that heavier meal.

#3 Tip – Be mindful of what you are consuming
It is easy to get carried away in conversation and mindlessly snack on love letters or other snacks while you’re at it. Before you know it, half the box is gone! Hence tip number 3 would be to be aware of what you are consuming and how much of it you are consuming. One pineapple tart is about 93 calories, so consume 5 of them that’s 465 calories! That is more than what most people would burn doing an intense 45min HIIT workout.

#4 Tip – Go easy on the drinks
Avoiding liquid calories could be more helpful than you think. Opting for a reduced sugar drink or brewed tea could be the difference between you overshooting your caloric allowance or not. Try your best to opt for water if possible. Using the same theory as your meals, if you leave yourself dehydrated throughout the day, that would open yourself up to the temptation of drinking that extra 2-3 cans of coke!

#5 Tip – Don’t be too hard on yourself!
If you’ve slipped up on your diet during the CNY period, remember that it is not the end of the world! It is alright to treat yourself every once in awhile and you can get back on track once its over. After all, everyone deserves a little indulgence during Chinese New Year!

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