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Strengthen Your Glutes!

Hi this is Alvan… we are going to talk about GLUTES!

What Are Glutes?

Our glutes comprise 3 major muscles :

Gluteus maximus. This is the largest glute muscle, responsible for the shape of our butt. It helps keep us upright when sitting or standing. Our gluteus maximus is also important for activities that require generating force from your lower body: jumping, running, standing up, climbing a staircase, etc.

Gluteus medius. The gluteus medius is between the gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus. Its role, like the gluteus minimus, is to help with the rotation of the leg and the stabilization of the pelvis.

Gluteus minimus. The smallest and deepest of the three main glute muscles, the gluteus minimis is also an important part of rotating lower limbs and keeping the pelvis stable when we move.

In addition to these three, the tensor fasciae latae — commonly known as the IT band — assists with balancing the pelvis and providing stability through the knee when we walk or run.

Not only are the glutes our body’s largest, most powerful muscle group, training them will help us improve your posture, minimize back pain, and generate speed and power during exercise and athletic performance. 

It goes without saying that women tend to like training glutes to get the figure they are after. You can talk to one of our female personal trainer in Singapore to know how to train your glutes!

They help us maintain proper posture and engage in activities like running, jumping, and climbing.

For many of us, we do not spend enough time training and strengthening our glutes, especially if we are deskbound in our daily work lives.

Here we share with you some of the most effective glute strengthening exercises, some of which you can do at home as well.

Exercise 1 – Squat

Simple Squat to the more challenging Squats with Dumbbells 

Exercise 2 – Step up with reverse lunge

You can also add weights to make this exercise more challenging

Exercise 3 – Banded walk

Exercise 4 – Glute bridge

Variation : Single leg glute bridge for more challenge

Exercise 5 – Hip thrust

Hip thrust with weights for more challenge

Try out these exercises to work your glutes the next time you go to the gym!

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