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Why Having An All Rounded Training Program Is Important

Hi Friends of Oompf, it’s Alvan here. Today we will be talking about having an all rounded training program. When we think of an all rounded training program, we do not just focus purely on lifting weights, or purely on cardio. Rather, an all rounded training program comprises of a few factors:

  • Improving muscle mass
  • Improving cardiovascular endurance
  • Improving the body’s mobility
  • Improving flexibility of muscles
  • Improving overall stability

Why are all these components important in your training program? Well, fitness is not just about aesthetics. Fitness is also your overall well-being, how well your body functions and ensuring the longevity of your body’s functions. Imagine if your only focus was building muscles, what good would that do if you develop joint pains or overuse injuries in the future? Hence, incorporating each element into your routine is imperative in having a body that works effectively as well as efficiently.

I’m sure by now most of us know the benefits of lifting weights or doing cardio but aspects such as stability training and flexibility are still often overlooked. Perhaps it is because the results aren’t as tangible as compared to lifting weights or doing cardio. Perhaps you haven’t really seen a need for it as well. However the body is a machine and it will not work perfectly forever. So don’t wait till its broken to try and fix it. Instead, build and incorporate healthy habits like stretching and your body will thank you later. 

If you want a holistic approach to fitness, our team of experienced personal trainers will help you build a better version of your body!

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