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Why Exercise Makes You A Happier Person?

Hi Friends of Oompf, it’s Alvan here. Today we will be talking about ways exercise can make you a happier person – even if you don’t like exercise.

I’m sure that most of us can agree you always feel better after a workout even if you weren’t motivated to do it at the start. Some may call that feeling after a workout- an endorphin rush, It is scientifically proven that exercise not only makes you feel good due to the production of endorphins, it also stimulates your appetite, and enhances your immune response. But that aside, exercise can also benefit you in other ways that you’ve may not thought about before.

1. Exercise makes you a more confident person
Look good, feel good. I bet everyone’s heard of that phrase. Confidence comes from within and exercise is the best way to build that confidence. You not only gain confidence because you start to look fitter, you gain confidence from the small achievements you make in the gym weekly. Like hitting a new personal record or getting that extra pull up. This sense of achievement can project itself onto the other areas in your life outside of the gym.

2. Exercise allows you to bond with like-minded people
Having good support system is vital in any journey of your life; the same goes for your fitness journey. If you don’t have anyone else around you that exercises, chances are it will be hard to sustain this journey. Coming to the gym or to a group class will give you the opportunity to build a community for yourself that will push you and make exercising fun! Even if you’re doing personal training, building a fun relationship with your personal gym trainer will guarantee that your time in the gym will be an enjoyable one.

3. Exercise helps to reduce anxiety and depression
Besides the release of endorphins, exercise releases many other chemicals in the brain that are associated with feeling happy, confident, capable and feeling less stress, anxiety and even physical pain. The release of these chemicals overtime make you more resilient to stress and can help you improve or overcome your anxiety and depression.
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